Join Our Team

Join Our Team

Welcome to Mikan

Purposeful Consulting Work.

Grab the opportunity to build a unique and innovative career in data and analytics,

You’ll be engaged in challenging projects while gaining your professional  enrichment under your own terms, on the basis of purpose-filled work.

Enjoy targeted mentorship and training from seasoned team members, while at the same time exercising social responsibility through community outreach.

Meritocracy is our success yardstick!

Build Endearing Relationships

Our people are our lifeline! Build long-lasting professional and personal relationships with fellow team members, strategic partners, and clients.

Build a network to further your career in the ever changing digital world, where Data & Analytics have become the engine driving competitive advantage in all industries.


Purposeful consulting work in Data & Analytics

If you’re looking to have a career filled with impact, then Mikan is the right team for you.

Strategic Partners

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